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All data are now located on the IUMSC Reciprocal Net server. This server is part of a network of laboratory systems located in crystallography laboratories throughout the United States. Each server in the system has both "public data" and data that is not yet available for release. In general, the public data includes structural data that has appeared in the scientific literature or data for compounds that the researcher does not plan to publish and has agreed to release to the public. Data for compounds that have not yet been released to the public can only be accessed by entering a valid user name/password. When you go to the IUMSC Reciprocal Net page you will find the following opening page:

image of the IUMSC Reciprocal Net page (Click to see an enlarged image)

The options available to the user are listed on the menu bar. "Home" is the current page; "Search" allows the user to locate a structure using formulas, cell parameters, and other data; "Browse" allows you to view all available structures; and "Other Sites" will list other servers that are part of the Reciprocal Net. The box containing "go to sample #" and the "Go" button on the right margin allows the user to enter the structure number and go directly to the structure in question (for the latter you must have the number that was assigned to your sample by the IUMSC upon submission). Note that the ONLY structures that you will be able to access at this point are those that have been released to the public.

If you want to access your data that have not yet been released to the public (essentially all recent structures), click on the "Log in" link located on the next line under the Go button button.

The following dialog box will prompt you for your assigned user name and password:

image of dialog box (Click to see an enlarged image)

After entering your assigned User Name and Password, click the "Log In" button, and you should be returned to the previous page with your user name entered in the task bar:

image of the page with user name entered in the task bar (Click to see an enlarged image)

By logging in you will have access to all publicly available data as well as non-public data that you have been granted access to view.

At this time you can enter the sample number in the "go to sample#" box and click "Go" to find your data, or if you do not know the assigned number, you can click on the "Search" key to bring up the database search form below:

image of search form (Click to see an enlarged image)

Another option is to "Browse" the database by clicking the "Browse" button. Be aware that there a large number of structures available, so this option is not terribly useful. Entering "Fe6" in the Empirical Formula field in the above form results in the following output:

image of browse page (Click to see an enlarged image)

Each of the structures listed can be accessed by clicking on the link with the sample identification.

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