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SCrAPS - Synchrotron Crystallography at the Advanced Photon Source

The purpose of the SCrAPS is to provide a mechanism by which academic and research crystallography laboratories can have access to the specialized single crystal X-ray diffraction instrument and tunable, high-brilliance synchrotron radiation at the Advanced Photon Source, Argonne National Laboratory.

We submit a General User Proposal (GUP) for beamtime at NSF's ChemMatCARS at the APS on a regular basis. If the proposal is successful and a beamtime has been granted, crystallographers and researchers can submit their samples to IUMSC at Indiana University. Tthe SCrAPS coordinator will screen and collect the samples and submit the required ESAD. Only samples that cannot be studied with laboratory diffraction sources are accepted as SCrAPS submissions. Data are collected by IUMSC staff and/or interested researchers and students. APS access has to be obtained for all onsite researchers; this is corrdinated by ChemMatCARS and the APS.

Samples and datasets will be returned to the researchers. IUMSC staff can assist with structure solution and refinement if requested. The fees involved are minimal and are used to cover travel and accommodation for the researchers performing the data collection at the beamline. Please check the SCrAPS News page for the upcoming beam time information.

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